Visual identity for Halsskov Harbour

Concept design
Frederik Lauenborg
May, 2022
Visual identity of concept for Broen, Haderslev harbour. We created a future purpose for the preserved ferry M/F Broen. Our solution is a concept that aims to frame the word ‘a break’. Through a visual identity, which is characterized by some analogue and digital material, we have conveyed this concept. The problem statement of the assignment was: How can we create a visual identity for The Bridge that conveys the concept of pause, through our interdisciplinary expertise, using the analogue and digital? You can visit the website www.på to get a better view on the website
The final products of the new visual identity Concept and visual elements are visualized through the idea of making the harbour a social place for people to enjoy. The idea was to incorporate the historical perspective of the ferry in a new context. For that we used serigraphy as a visuel element. The chosen pictures for the posters, each represent a piece of the concept - Food, Craft and Events.
Proces from logo development. The logo is based on the font used on the ferry, along with the characteristics of the chimney. The proces pictures also show experiments with serigraphy.