Mille Almsig
Age: 24 (1999)
Graphic Designer

The Royal Academy
of Fine Arts
+45 42 34 43 22
As a designer, I work to enhance understanding. I thrive within a framework where I can create structure and overview through new solutions. For me, visual communication is a way of creating an idiom. By this you can create content with the intention of enhance a better understanding. My primary interest lies in the preparation of visual identities, as well as creating structure. Secondarily, I also work with illustrations, branding and digital design.
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In my work, I have the best experience with a structured work approach. It helps motivate me, as well as getting me to work efficiently. I prefer to be part of a team where you can ‘ping-pong’ with your colleagues. Here I get new input, as well as learning through other people's experiences. I am not afraid to work independently, as well as in larger teams. For me, 'learning by doing' is an approach I have benefited from in my previous tasks. This has made me independent in my work and given me the impetus to develop my own skills.
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